Coaxial Needle

ramé-hart, the world leader in coaxial spinnerets, currently offers (8) different prebuilt coaxial needles. These are kept in stock and are available for immediate delivery. For a copy of the drawing, see: 

To order a prebuilt coaxial needle, go to:

All prebuilt and custom coaxial needles can be disassembled. See this image for instructions.

ramé-hart can fabricate a custom coaxial needle to your exact specifications. Most custom needles can be made using our custom coaxial needle worksheet. Fabrication time is one week.

Please take a look at a variety of examples in this photo album

If you are ready to customize you own custom coaxial spinneret, please follow these three easy steps: 


1. Download our needle chart here and determine the inner and outer gauges. Note that the outside diameter of the inner needle must be less than the inside diameter of the outer needle component. Also, currently 28g is the smallest inner needle we fabricate for use with a coaxial needle. Inside and outside dimensions are listed on the chart for each gauge.

2. Download the worksheet here and determine the other dimensions and specifications as required for your specific application. 

3. Once you have your design laid out per the worksheet, proceed to this page to place your order:

If you have a design that does not conform to the worksheet, please contact us. Most likely, we've made something like it before and can make it again. 

Regarding payment options, the easiest way to pay for your custom coaxial spinneret is with a credit card. However, to accommodate our educational and international customers, we can also accept payment via wire transfer (choose Bank Wire in Advance for payment) during checkout, or purchase orders from rated US firms, universities, and existing customers with pre-established terms (choose Purchase Order during checkout AND forward a copy of the PO to us). We can also prepare a proforma invoice. Simply choose "Proforma Invoice" during checkout. A $25 fee will apply.




Coaxial Needle