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ramé-hart can fabricate a multi-channel (also sometimes called multi-lumen) spinneret used for multi-channel electrospinning and other applications per your exact requirements. All we need to get started are your specifications - outer needle gauge, number of inner needles and their gauge. If you have a sketch or drawing, please forward to that us as well. Once we have your design ironed out, we can quote you a firm cost and lead time.

Also, please see our photo album for additional ideas and configurations. 


ramé-hart offers a Prebuilt Island-in-the-sea Spinneret which features two separate inner flows (22g) and a single outer flow (14g). This configuration allows for three unique liquids - two unique inner flow liquids with a third liquid for the outer sheath. Think of this as a coaxial needle with twin inner needles instead of one. To order a Prebuilt Island-in-the-sea Spinneret, click here. This item is kept in stock. 

ramé-hart also offers a Custom Island-in-the-sea Spinneret. This product is similar to the prebuilt version. However, you pick the dimensions and needle gauges that meet your specifications. To order the Custom Island-in-the-sea Spinneret, click here. Lead time is two weeks.

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