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ramé-hart can fabricate to your specifications a spinneret with two outlet needles in a side-by-side configuration. By producing (2) nanofibers simultaneously using different materials, a single compound nanofiber can result. 

You may find our Prebuilt Side-by-side Spinneret optimal for your application. Click here for the dimensional drawing. To order our Prebuilt Side-by-side Spinneret, go here

If you have different specifications, consider our Custom Side-by-side Spinneret. You control the gauges and dimensions. To order a Custom Side-by-side Spinneret, go here

If you have unique design requirement, please contact us with your specifications and we will provide you with a quotation and lead time for your design. 

More pictures of ramé-hart Side-by-side Spinnerets can be found in this photo album.

second spinnert.png
first spinneret.png
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